Panhandle View Farm

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  • Raising Goats and Livestock

When I purchased my first nanny and kid, it didn't take long for my herds to grow. I have learned a lot, and am still learning so much about my Nigerian goats. I try to maintain an average of 20 goats at this time, included in this number is a couple of Nubian does for extra milk for kids and my family. I am currently on milk test with my girls and that has been a great journey and look forward to continuing through the years.  


I've owned and been around most animals and livestock since before I could remember as a child. There hasn't been a time in my life I didn't have pets or livestock. I do have to say that cats are still at the top of the list as my favorite pet, second comes horses, then my dogs. But over the course of several years I never dreamed I would be loving and raising goats and cattle. And they have found a special place in my heart.


After purchasing my first bottle calf in 2015 I was hooked. I never imagined that cattle had such personalities. I have several permanent residents. We do raise a steer for butchering purposes to keep our freezer full. We also have Betsy our milk cow. She has raised several calves for me and supplied us with milk for our family and pets.


On my farm besides the mentioned above you will find, Brahma chickens, mix breed chickens, mix breed turkeys, and peafowl.

Our herd protector is a 3 yr old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian mix. Best investment I ever made to protect my herd.