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JR does


LD Ranch DV Bambi

Sire: Rosasharn MM Davinci *B
SS: Rosasharn DLM My Monarch +B  LA: VVE89
SD: Rosasharn AX Katerina 6*M LA: EEEE91

Dam: LD Ranch Arm Midnight Orhchid EEEV89
DS: Buffalo Clover Armani +*B
(GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B x SG Buffalo Clover Lady Diana 2*M)

DD: SG Olivewood Mel Periwinkle 1*M VEEE90


LD Ranch OB Flower

Sire: Emerald C Ranch Val Obie *B
SS: GCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B
SD: SGCH TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust 1*M

Dam: LD Ranch Ace Baby Blue 2*M VEEV87
DS: LD Ranch ARM Ace in the Hole *B
DD: Dam: SG Darla Faye's BCM Versace 1*M


Panhandle View DV Pearl

Sire: DesertNanny LD Vernal Equinox *B
SS: Desertnanny BBB Luck Dragon *B
SD: GCH Desetnanny BF Sunsprite 3* M 3*D EEEE91

Dam: Sunset Plains HB Calamity Jane(*Pending) 
DS: Sunset Plains WT Huckleberry
DD: Tall & Small Much Ado

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